Welcome to Thenewliliantv ! We are an inspirational channel that brings different Shows and Ministrations to further propagate the word of God and helping people embrace peace and hope through Christ in this troubled world.

 What TNL Is About

We have a calling to bring God’s divine hope in a more simpler way to reach people all over the world through our various programs that will bring smiles to defeated faces; uplift the depressed; give hope to the broken Heart and hope to the hopeless through the love that our lord Jesus shared.

We are a Real Life Christian Talk Show, with a new wave in reaching out to Christians all over the world. Sharing and discussing matters that affect our faith and christain life. Christianity is supposed to be a lifestyle model after God’s purpose for our life. Motivation, Inspiration, What went wrong? and How do we get back our life on track will be the subject of the talk show.
The Host Lilian Emefiele – Aliemeke through the help of the Holy spirit has been divinely shown on how to add spices to the new Christian talk show. On each episode of the show, God will be bringing on your way varieties of different topics, testimonies and first hand stories that will bring a definite change in your life.
The show has something for everyone, our target audience includes teens, vulnerable children, orphans, young adult through to senior citizens. Our guest will be drawn from churches, operators of local teens clubs, christian musicians and actors, local support group, pastors and national known christian leaders.

We have counselors who will work with you 24/7, if you would like to share with us your emotional pains, experience and the challenges you are facing in life. We are here to give your life a meaning through the help of God by giving you the shoulder to lean on. You may speak to us on air or off air. Our show is designed for you, so if you have any, comment, suggestions on the show or topics that you would like discussed please drop us an email (thenewliliantv@gmail.com ) and let us know.